At mid-morning I had a sudden urge to have something tangy as well as fruity and the Indian yogurt drink lassi popped into my head. I’ve always enjoyed yogurt, and I’ve occasionally had a lassi at an Indian restaurant (though not as often as I would have wanted, feeling it was just too heavy to have with a meal).  I have never made it before, so I did some quick research, made some adjustments, and came up with this very satisfying, delicious drink that takes about 2 minutes to prepare.

Banana Lassi

1 cup (250 ml) yogurt (homemade is best, see my recipe here)

1 large ripe banana, sliced

a handful of ice cubes

1 Tbsp honey

1 cardamom seed

Throw everything in a blender for about half a minute, pour and enjoy!

Lassis can be prepared in different ways. Sweet fruity lassis can pretty much use any pulpy fruit: mangoes are popular, but bananas, strawberries, peaches, guyabano (soursop) and pineapple would be excellent choices too. Avocados would probably be worth trying, and why not papaya with a squeeze of kalamansi or lemon juice?

Savory lassis may be spiced with toasted ground cumin, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cilantro and salt.  In Indian ayurvedic medicine they are believed to help aid digestion, and are best taken with meals or in the afternoon.  They can also be flavored with such varied things as coconut milk, almonds and rosewater.

O wonderful moment when a window cracks open to reveal a new world! Now my mind is running with all the delicious possibilities..sweet! savory! fruity! spicy! pulpy.. and the promise of lassis to come.