About this blog

I was an omnivore most of my life.  Three years ago I became a vegetarian after many years of gradually moving away from consuming meat and seafood.  I did not “decide” to become vegetarian, nor did I do it for any particular reason of health or principle or religious belief. Rather it was for me a natural evolution in my food preference. From hindsight I realized that this shift in my taste corresponded with other changes in my life: I had left a stressful job, had stopped smoking, and was generally moving towards a healthier lifestyle. I was also sleeping better, had more energy and was just happier. Whether my diet influenced my outlook or my outlook was changing my diet, I can’t say. Perhaps it was both.

Once I started this journey, I was amazed to discover the abundance and sheer variety of vegetables, grain and fruits, and the many different ways they could be enjoyed.  Rather than restrict my options, I found that being a vegetarian opened up a vast and varied world of culinary possibilities.

This blog is about my explorations as a vegetarian in the culinary world.

Patricia Esguerra Galan

Contact me at moontripper2010@gmail.com.


1 thought on “About this blog”

  1. Hi, Pat. Rem here. I like your blog. Clean and interesting. We’ll read more of your Metta! =D

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